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Hello Simmers!

We (Lumien and Tinúviel) created this page for fun.
It's not our goal to become the most popular Site or something.

We just wanna show our creations, so that you can have fun with them, too!

We wanna say a big THANK YOU to our guest designer Amarië, a good friend, for her support and that she wants to give some of her creations to us.
I think we'll have a good time!
Ok, nothing more to say...Just have fun guys!

Terms of use
1. You may include our meshes in you zip.- or .rar-archive, but please give credit to Mirkwood Sims. We also would like to hear from you, so that we can see, what you've made out of them!
2. You may include our skins, genetics, recolors etc. with your complete sims, but also give a little credit to Mirkwood Sims!
3. You may not copy, recolor and upload our textures or other work as yours on other sites!
4. You may not hotlink to our downloads!

Lumien and Tinúviel